Did you upgrade your smartphone this Christmas? Why not trade in your old handset for cash

Gifted a new smartphone for Christmas? Have you treated yourself to the latest iPhone in the January sales? Already shoved your old model into the junk drawer? Why not trade in your old phone for cash? Not only will you boost your bank balance, but doing so has a whole load of other benefits.

Christmas is a time for giving - giving mobile phones, that is

It won’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that the run-up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year for smartphone retailers. According to the market intelligence analysts at IDC, an astonishing 360 million mobiles are shipped during the final three months of the year.

As you might expect, Apple iPhones are the most popular model out there, accounting for a quarter of all sales in the weeks before the festive period. That’s also why if you opt to trade in and get cash for your old iPhone, you’ll typically find the highest prices. Numerous studies have shown that Apple flagship phones retain their value better than other devices.

That’s not to say Android phones are a slouch in the Christmas sales. Samsung, with their ever-popular Galaxy line-up, aren’t far behind and account for just under 20% of the mobile phone market. That’s why at Reboxed, we also offer top prices for those selling a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Sell Your Old Phone for Cash

Having a new year declutter?

If you’re embarking on a post-Christmas clearout, don’t be tempted to chuck an old handset in the bin. Toxic chemicals in phone batteries and nasty flame retardants in the casing all cause environmental harm. If they end up in landfill, those substances can leach into soil and watercourses. The consequences are even more harmful for mobile phones that are not responsibly discarded.

According to the UK government, the average smartphone contains 72 chemicals in the periodic table, 85% of which are metals that can be salvaged when a device is recycled.

Despite recent attention from regulators, including the European Environment Agency, ageing mobile phones are often still difficult to have repaired. Even simple fixes can be tricky due to things like sealed cases and non-removable batteries.

Trade in a mobile and know where it will end up

There are multiple benefits from trading in a mobile phone over and above perhaps the biggest one of all - i.e. cash. Perhaps the biggest bonus for every environmentally-conscious consumer these days is that you can be assured of what’s going to happen to your old device once you no longer have a use for it.

Choosing a reputable company that will refurbish your old phone or recycle it means it will be handled responsibly and either go on to have a new life or be broken down into component parts to make new stuff.

Would you believe that a tonne of old mobiles can yield 150 grammes of gold alone? That’s enough to make around 60 gold rings. There’s also enough aluminium to make two cans of pop and sufficient copper to plate 50 two pence pieces. It also saves a whole load of mining for these precious metal resources and the pollution that such processes involve.

Sell your mobile for a little extra peace of mind

At Reboxed, we’ll always ask you to remove personal data - accounts, saved passwords, photos and the like - and the best way to do this is to wipe the lot by performing a hard reset.

However, we’ll always perform a thorough check of a phone once we receive it to make sure absolutely everything has gone to protect your privacy. That’s perhaps reassuring if you worry you’ve missed something or are concerned you don’t entirely know how to remove all personal information.

Even completely broken phones are worth cash

There’s an awful lot of broken phones in the world. Something like just under half of mobile-owning Brits smash their smartphone screen every year. And only around a quarter of us have mobile insurance to cover costly repairs. It’s usually just not going to be cost-effective to fork out to get a mobile fixed and it's often cheaper to buy a new one.

If your phone is totally bust and beyond repair, you don’t really have many options for what to do with it next either. No one is likely to buy it from you privately unless they’re a tech whizz who can fix broken mobiles. To us though, the smartphone that has had its day as far as you’re concerned still has value. So we’ll still be able to pay you something for it.

Convenient, fast cash for your old mobile phone

Trading in your old phone not only has environmental and all the other benefits listed above, but it’s also one of the best ways of off-setting the cost of a new one. With a convenient process, you stay in control every step of the way. Selling your phone at Reboxed takes just a few clicks - our experts will check its condition and you'll receive the cash owed to you.

And not only do we buy old mobile phones, but we also sell refurbished ones too. That means Reboxed is a convenient one-stop-shop. Get a price for your current model and compare our range of new smartphones to see how much that mobile you want to upgrade will be worth towards the cost of a more up to date device.


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