The Best iPhones for battery life ranked [2022]

Looking to upgrade your iPhone but your main concern is battery life? after all, what good is a phone if a battery is going to run out right? 

If you want to see how the latest iPhone 13 stacks up against other smartphones for battery life, read the ultimate smartphone battery life guide here.

Is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 13 for the battery alone?

This year with the arrival of the highly anticipated iPhone 14, we're expecting to see some big news in terms of battery life, mainly with Apple due to release a budget "Max" version which is sure to mean a cheaper iPhone with better battery life.

The big question is, just how much better will the new phones be for battery and what does it mean.

For most average consumers it certainly won't be the most noticeable increase and we're keen to see how it stacks up against last years iPhone 13 once we get our hands on it.

Despite the improved manufacturing steps that Apple has implemented to reduce waste, such as removing the power plugs and earphones from the unboxing experience (which we think is great) we’re still left wondering do we really need to upgrade? The two main points for most consumers are this; camera and battery life, and in this article we uncover the best iPhones in 2022 for battery life.

We’ve already reached peak smartphone 

We all know that we have reached peak smartphones. The innovation curve has flattened a lot in the last few years and incremental design and feature benefits are all we can expect now. However, under the hood/ behind the scenes Apple is packing some serious punch with their new chips - the power and capability of which is phenomenal, especially with the iPhone 12. In fact, every model from the last 3-5 years has been pretty incredible, but the iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 12 pro truly are next level devices, packing near computer power in only around 6-inches of a metal box. 

The current selection of Apple iPhones available offers something for everyone, and a refurbished phone still represents the best value for customers. The standard iPhone 11 range, the iPhone XR and the 2020 iPhone SE are a line up of incredible phones catering for a wide range of budgets. If you want to save even more,  there are plenty of refurbished devices available to buy. 

How does the battery life compare between models?

In years gone by it was all about the camera, how good it was - whether or not it had portrait mode or a good front camera to you could take selfies with your family or the dog.  biggest   Nowadays  pretty much every iPhone in the current range has a pretty remarkable camera, so the focus has shifted to the battery life. 

We love nothing more than to research the specifications and performance of new devices when they’re released, but really it’s best to let the pros do it properly and give us a good idea of whether or not a device is worth the extra money. Enter MrWhosTheBoss

Last year, he tested the available range of iPhones for battery life and there were some surprising results. This year, fresh off the launch of the iPhone 13 he's back, putting get range through the paces. After 8 hours of constant testing in under comparable "real world" conditions, the results are in, and we think they are worth taking note of and considering if you’re considering upgrading your phone. 

Latest iPhone Battery life comparison in order. These tests, conducted on MrWhosTheBoss YouTube channel (video here) were based on the highest intensity use, gaming, streaming, switching apps etc, consistently over the period of time up until the battery died. What we love about this experiment is it's real, not what the manufacturer specifies.


1. iPhone 13 Pro Max - 9hrs 52mins

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2. iPhone 14 pro Max - 9hr 31mins


3. iPhone 14 Plus - 9hrs 23mins

4. iPhone 11 pro Max - 8hrs 29mins

iPhone 11 Pro Max

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5. iPhone 13 Pro - 8hrs and 17mins

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6. iPhone 14 Pro - 7hrs and 49mins

7. iPhone 13 - 7hrs and 45mins

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8. iPhone 11 Pro - 7hrs and 36mins

iPhone 11 Pro

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9. iPhone 14 - 7hrs 13mins

10. iPhone 12 - 6hrs 41mins

iPhone 12

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11. iPhone 12 Pro - 6hrs 35mins
iPhone 12 pro

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12. iPhone 13 Mini - 6hrs and 26mins

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13. iPhone 11 - 5hrs 8mins

iPhone 11

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14. iPhone XR - 4hrs 34mins iPhone XR

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15. iPhone SE - 3hrs 59mins

iPhone se 2020

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All the latest iPhones ranked for battery life

Rank Model
Battery life (Hours)
1 iPhone 13 Pro Max 9hrs 52mins
2 iPhone 11 pro Max 8hrs 29mins
3 iPhone 13 Pro 8hr 17Mins
4 iPhone 13 7hr 45mins
5 iPhone 11 Pro 7hrs 36mins
6 iPhone 12 6hrs 41mins
7 iPhone 12 Pro 6hrs 35mins
8 iPhone 13 Mini 6hr 26Mins
9 IPhone 11 4hr 20Mins
10 iPhone XR 4hrs 34mins
11 iPhone SE 3hrs 59mins

So, should you upgrade to the iPhone 13?

If battery life is your main concern, there's not a great deal in it across the latest ranges from the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro max up to the iPhone 12 and newly released iPhone 13. If your looking to save a hefty chunk of cash, and reduce your carbon footprint, you can grab an absolute bargain by choosing a reboxed iPhone 11 on sale now from £369 or an iPhone 12 from only £529!

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