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Save £209
Apple iPhone 13 128GB / Red / Premium Condition #Colour_Red
Apple iPhone 13 128GB
From £570 £779
Save £549
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB / Graphite / Fair Condition #Colour_Graphite
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB
From £550 £1,099
Save £270
Apple iPhone 12 64GB / White / Premium Condition #Colour_White
Apple iPhone 12 64GB
From £409 £679
Save £239
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 128GB
From £710 £949

Great tech shouldn’t cost us the Earth.

People, we have a problem. Our obsession with having the latest iPhone the second it drops is creating mountains of e-waste.

Perfectly good, high-spec handsets are gathering dust in a drawer, or going to landfill missing the chance to find a new home. We're on a mission to rehome 100 million devices by 2030, with a new circular business model - rehome, rebox, repeat.

Our Mission

Better for your pocket, better for our planet

Our planet friendly promise

For every phone we rehome, we aim to make it carbon positive by planting 5 trees and paying to offset its lifetime CO2 emissions

Better value

A reboxed® phone is up to 40% cheaper than buying new. And when you rebox your old phone, we pay you top whack.

Planet friendly

We make each phone carbon neutral by paying to offset its lifetime emissions and plant 5 trees for each phone sold.

TechCheck® certified

All our devices are fully tested and come with a 12 month no quibble warranty.

No drama

Sell your mobile with ease with free pick-ups and drop-offs, to and from your door.

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What's in the box?

Every reboxed® phone has been inspected and put through our 70-point TechCheck® by one of our in-house engineers. So you know it’s in top shape, inside out.

And each one comes with a free 12 month no quibble guarantee. Buying reboxed® helps reduce waste and fight for longer device lifespans.

TechCheck® certified

TechCheck is our industry leading device certification program run and verified by in house expert engineers.

Our 70-point diagnostic check lets us pinpoint the condition of your phone, so you get the best price when you sell. And peace of mind when you buy.

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There are more phones than humans on the planet. Let’s change it!

We're fighting the 50 million tons of ewaste dumped each year. We're here to transform the way people buy, sell, and think about tech.

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The Best iPhones for battery life ranked [2022]

The Best iPhones for battery life ranked [2022]

What's the best iPhone is for battery life? Like many people having a battery that can last is number one priority when choosing a smartphone. Now we have reach peak features this is the biggest factor in the smartphone purchase decision. Find out which iPhones are the best
Why trading-in your old tech with Reboxed is better for your pocket and our planet!

Why trading-in your old tech with Reboxed is better for your pocket and our planet!

If you’ve recently upgraded your phone you might be left feeling unsure about what to do with your old one. Chances are, you’ll throw it away or put it in the bottom drawer for a ‘rainy day’ (where it will eventually end up going in the bin). Although this might be an easy solution, it actually contributes to mountains of e-waste - the world’s fastest-growing waste stream.  But don’t worry, there are ways of getting rid of your old phone that are better for the planet and your wallet - like trading it in!
The hidden Carbon Footprint of your Smartphone

The hidden Carbon Footprint of your Smartphone

Carbon footprints and eco-credentials matter. They’re part of the global emissions puzzle - and that includes your smartphone. There is no way we can  deny that we each have a responsibility to make some changes to protect our environment, and it starts with understanding which areas of our life are contributing to unnecessary emissions or waste - starting with our phones.