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Creativity is at the heart of reboxed. It’s what makes us tick. 


From product development to branding, we stop at nothing to make reboxed look and feel best in class. We know that this would be nothing without the creatives that inspire us every day to be better and think bigger. 


This past year, we've seen these creatives suffer from the lack of gigs, platforms to showcase their art or opportunities to work, so we decided to try and help. We’re pressing play on a fund called Re:Mix where we will empower artists and creators to showcase their talent through a mix of collaborations, content and technology. 


We wanna help see a generation of creators win, inspire more people to follow their dreams and show how technology and creativity can empower a positive change in people and the planet.” 

- reboxed co-founder, Phil Kemish 


We believe that phones are the portal to modern-day art and we wanna spotlight those who’re taking this to the next level. It may be a pop-up showcase, music video shot on an iPhone, an art installation at Pop Brixton or a coaching session with co-founder Matt Thorne on how to design your brand - whatever it is, we wanna see it.


Sound like you? Send your ideas or existing projects to Don’t forget to send us your favourite new artists so we can add them to our Spotify playlist - Re:Mix and give us a follow while you’re there!


We look forward to hearing from you.

The reboxed team