TechCheck® by Reboxed

TechCheck is the new standard for valuing and certifying used phones

Science, not guesswork.

Buying used tech can be very hit and miss. That’s because the grading system most dealers use is too broad, too vague and based on opinion, not data.

We knew that if we wanted to help make buying used and refurbished phones go mainstream we needed to make the whole process safer, smarter – and above all, more scientific. Enter the TechCheck®.


Peace of mind when you buy. A better price, when you sell.

TechCheck® is our 70 point diagnostic test. We use it to assess the condition of your device when you sell to us, and to inspect and certify every phone before you buy it.

You can run the test on your own phones yourself, using the app. And our in-house tech experts test and inspect every phone personally before we rebox it.


70 point TechCheck®

A new standard in device certification
Our intuitive 360-degree technology allows us to pinpoint a more accurate price for your phone, based on its actual condition when you sell it to us. And it also allows us to run remote health checks, to make sure your phone is running exactly as it should, and deliver on our 12 month warranty. Our price algorithm also generates a scientific TechScore that takes all the minuscule details of our diagnostics into account, which is why we can pay you the very best price for a pre-owned device in the market.

Our checks cover

face icon


battery icon


wifi icon


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  • Power Button
  • Power On 
  • Device Charging 
  • Charging Port 
  • Device Firmware 
  • Connectivity 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Cellular 
  • GPS Connectivity 
  • WLAN Connection  
  • Location Services 
  • NFC Check  
  • SIM Reader Test 
  • SIM Tray Check 
  • Rotation Check 
  • Call Test 
  • Headphone Jack Test 
  • iOS Activation Check 
  • iCloud Account Removal 
  • Certified Data Wipe 
  • Complete Device Passcode Unlock  
  • Rooted Check  
  • Jailbroken Check   
  • Complete Manual Erase  
  • Flash Functionality 
  • Accelerometer Test 
  • Barometer Test   
  • Gyroscope Check 
  • Proximity Sensor  
  • Light Sensor 
  • Microphone
  • Video Microphone  
  • Voice Memo Recorder  
  • Speaker  
  • Loudspeaker   
  • Volume Up/Down  
  • Mute Switch Test   
  • Complete Factory Reset  
  • Vibration 
  • Lock/Unlock Button 
  • Digitizer  
  • LCD Screen Check 
  • Liquid Damage Check   
  • Multi Touch Screen Check  
  • Force Touch Screen Check 
  • 3D Touch   
  • Fingerprint Scanner   
  • Touch ID  
  • Face ID  
  • Front Facing Camera   
  • Rear Camera Image Capture
  • Device Colour 
  • Device Network
  • Wi-Fi Connect 
  • Bluetooth Connect
  • AssetWatch Check 
  • Device Counterfeit Check 
  • Device Clone Check 
  • National Mobile Property Register Check  
  • Device Finance Check 
  • Device Insurance Claim Check
  • Device Colour 
  • Device Network  
  • Wi-Fi Connect 
  • Bluetooth Connect  
  • AssetWatch Check 
  • Device Counterfeit Check
  • Device Clone Check  
  • National Mobile Property Register Check
  • Device Finance Check 
  • Device Insurance Claim Check 
  • Cycle Count 
  • Power On 
  • Health Percentage 
  • Battery Resistance Reading
  • Battery Full Charge Reading 
  • Battery Temperature Range Reading
  • Case bend alignment test
  • Outer casing test 
  • Screen Watermarks Test 
  • Screen Cracks/Chips Test 
  • Screen Lifting Check  
  • Screen Pixel Check 
  • Screen Resolution Test  
  • Ports / Jack Cosmetic Check 
  • SIM Tray Cosmetics   
  • Button Cosmetic Check  
  • Casing Check 
  • Device Camera Check 
  • Screen Burn Test  
  • Screen Green Frame Test 

The TechScore. No more good, working or faulty.

With the reboxed TechScore, we are pioneering a whole new way to grade used devices. Our new science-driven scoring system brings transparency to the grey world of used tech by offering clear, accurate criteria of device quality. To do this, we’ve redesigned the traditional grading system with a data generated score.

techscore diagram

No guesswork when you buy with the reboxed TechScore.

Every device sold on reboxed has been TechChecked and scored to the strictest criteria in the industry, so you can be sure of its quality. We also use our TechScore system to make sure all the products we and our partners sell on the reboxed marketplace live up to our strictest-in-the-industry standards.

techscore diagram

Pinpoint pricing when you sell your mobile with us.

Most sites will offer you a price based on a very broad grading system, which is basically guesswork. We score and price each and every phone we sell individually, based on its condition and quality. Cold hard data, not just opinion.

Data Wipe

Your data is safe with us

When you sell your phone with reboxed, we ensure youre device is securely wiped by our TechCheck® engineers.


Device had its day?

If you have a device that isn’t working any more, you can drop it off at our store and we’ll make sure it gets recycled properly by one of our partners.

TechCheck® guarantee

How it works
‍First, you send your device to us. One of our in-house tech experts will inspect it and diagnose any issues. If the problem is covered by the warranty, we’ll fix it and return it in full working order. Or if we can’t fix it, we’ll send you a like-for-like replacement. Either way, you should get your fixed or replacement phone by courier within 2-3 working days from when we first receive it.

The good, the bad and the faulty
‍Stuff happens, we get that. But we can’t cover you for things that are out of our control. So if your phone stops working properly because you’ve tinkered with it, dropped it, or spilled something on it, the warranty won’t cover that. If it gets damaged on the way to us because you haven’t packed it properly, we’re not responsible for that. And if it stops working properly because you’ve had it unlocked, that’s not covered either.

What's not covered?
  • Issues caused by unlocking your device
  • Liquid damage
  • Damage to screens, fascias and surrounds (inc. fading and discolouration)
  • Issues caused by third party software
  • Any components added since the item was originally sold to you
  • Accidental damage

Battery life is only covered by the warranty for 3 months as the battery is a perishable item. For all devices with batteries that are not easily removed (e.g. iPhones), we test the battery capacity prior to listing the item to ensure it is within acceptable levels, and replace it if required. We can provide paid out-of-warranty battery replacements that will not invalidate the warranty if you ever do need the battery to be replaced.

If you’re having any technical issues with your reboxed phone, email us at or hit the chat button below