Fight e-waste by selling or recycling your old tech for cash

As we begin 2022, the severity of the climate crisis is looming upon us. With many of us trying to fight these dangers, we are left feeling confused or overwhelmed. The majority of us have an abundance of unwanted tech devices laying around in dusty cupboards, waiting to find a new life again. If left to decompose, these devices can have long-term detrimental effects on the environment. To avoid letting these devices go to waste, why not sell your old tech to Reboxed?

What is e-waste?

E-waste, also known as electronic waste, refers to a collection of discarded appliances. This can include mobile phones, tablets and even kitchen appliances such as toasters. In fact, e-waste can be categorised in ten different ways. These include:

- Type 1: Major appliances
- Type 2: Small appliances
- Type 3: Computer appliances
- Type 4: Consumer electronics
- Type 5: Lighting devices
- Type 6: Electronic tools
- Type 7: Toys
- Type 8: Medical devices
- Type 9: Monitoring devices
- Type 10: Vending Machines

Why is e-waste so dangerous?

With e-waste becoming a common threat to our environment, it's no wonder that many are becoming concerned about its dangerous effects. A wide selection of consumers is unaware that many electrical devices contain a variety of toxic components. As such, these devices must be handled with optimum care when they are no longer wanted or needed. When these devices are carelessly thrown into landfills, they have the potential to release harmful gasses into our atmosphere. Therefore, this can cause many health issues within the wider population.

Who is Reboxed?

At Reboxed, we know all too well that a majority of tech devices will end up in landfills. In 2019, we set out to revolutionise the traditional re-commerce industry and place sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. Thus, we are working tirelessly to make sure that a wealth of devices can be re-homed in a more sustainable fashion. We allow you to buy and sell refurbished devices for a lower price. Our carefully crafted team of experts will guide you through every step and ensure that you can find the best deal.

The 100 million device mission

Reboxed was founded with a mission in mind. As levels of e-waste reach 50 million tonnes and continue to rise, we pledge to make a difference. Our dream is to re-home 100 million mobile devices by 2030, helping to lower unnecessary technical waste and ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality devices. We also hope to increase the number of phones that are re-sold in the UK, pushing the original 10% rate.

Tech for Cash

For every phone that finds a new home, we aim to plant an additional five trees. Since we started this mission, we have managed to plant an incredible 3,009 trees. This has helped to cut the harsh impact of CO2 emissions and reduce the impact of our carbon footprint. Similarly, we are also working to become fully carbon neutral to further reduce the impact of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, we donate 1% of our profits to a selection of climate change organisations to ensure that we are playing our part in helping the planet.

Why use Reboxed?

Many high-end retailers now offer a trade-in initiative, allowing customers to trade in their new devices when they get a new version. However, many of these retailers do not always offer the best price. Adding on to this, many businesses do not create a sustainable approach, meaning that e-waste will continue to accumulate.

Reboxed likes to think outside of the box, finding new ways to implement environmentally-friendly practices into our everyday lives. Selling your mobile with us could not be easier. Our intuitive TechCheck AI feature carefully assesses the quality of your device and ensures that you will always get the best price. Next, all you have to do is give us your old phone. Either arrange a collection or drop it off at your local store. Not to mention, you can even send it to us via post for no extra cost. Finally, you get paid. We offer payment within 24 hours, meaning you can get on with your day without any extra hassle.

But that's not all, we also offer an array of additional services such as:

- Data wipe
- Offer to donate cash funds to local organisations
- Fast and efficient customer service
- Safe and secure payments
- Flexible payment options
- Free UK delivery

What tech can I sell with Reboxed?

At Reboxed, we buy and sell an eclectic selection of devices, meaning that you can earn cash from your old belongings. We also offer the best price on some of the latest phones. For example, you can sell your iPhone 12 for cash, earning you up to £534. Moreover, you can also sell android devices to us. By selling a Samsung Galaxy S20 to Reboxed, you could get up to £320. As a result, you can decrease harmful e-waste levels and earn a lot of extra money.

We also sell the refurbished versions of the latest AirPods and iPads, giving you all of the tech accessories you need to accompany your new mobile phone.

Many of us received new mobile phones over the Christmas period, meaning that our old devices quickly became redundant and useless to us. Although it is important to upgrade our phones, we must not forget the value that our previous devices have. Older models can still be re-used and even refurbished to be as good as new. It is paramount that we work as a society to stop the harmful levels of e-waste from rising and lowering the impact of our carbon footprint. If you are looking to replace your old device, why not sell your mobile to Reboxed? Visit our website to find out more about our quick and easy selling process.

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