Recycle your used tech for more with reboxed

We've partnered with tech and lifestyle content creator Tomi aka Gadgetsboy to bring you a step-by-step, no bullsh*t guide on how to sell your used phone for more with reboxed.


Watch the full guide below:

Why reboxed recycle?


Buying and selling used tech has always sucked, but we’re fixing it. 

Previously, when selling your phone online you get some generic pricing such as ‘good’, ‘working’, or ‘faulty’. This means you won’t get an accurate price for your phone and you might not sell your phone at all! The problem here is that your phone will end up in the draw for years even though you say to yourself “it’ll come in handy” but what actually happens is eventually it will end up in the bin and committed to waste in landfills. That’s not good enough.

We believe every smartphone should not just get a second chance, but a third one too. When we buyback devices from you, it’ll either get fixed up, rehomed or recycled. Don't let it go in the bin. We've even written a guide here on why you should sell your phone, even if you wont get much for it.

Our Mission


At reboxed, our mission is to change the way people buy and sell their tech. Weather its through a speedier service, a network of stores or through our smart and handy piece of software called TechCheck.

Our TechCheck® app, which you can downlaod on iOS and Android recognises that each phone’s story is completely different and not all phones should be graded equally. Thats why youll get a unique price for your device and not just something generic. The app will give you a full report on the health of your phone’s insides and outside in minutes.

Once you've got your quote, you, simply arrange a collection, post for free or drop off at a store near you and get paid on the same day we receive it. Soon, we’ll be launching our instant payment service in major cities where one of our riders will come to your door, collect your phone and pay you on the spot. 

If cash ain’t your thing, you can even donate to a good cause or choose to swap for an upgrade.


And because sustainability is embedded in our circular business model, we’ll also plant 5 trees for every phone rehomed - no matter the condition we receive it in. So you’ll be looking after the planet by helping to grow forests and not letting something go to waste.

We’re committed to doing better, and to helping you to do your part too.

That's why we’re B-Corp pending and donate 1% of all our profits to fund environmental projects working to protect our Earth. 


Reboxed, rehomed, reloved.

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