Eco phone cases designed to #protectourfuture

When we started reboxed, we set out to encourage people to increase the lifetime of phones by buying and selling refurbished, but soon discovered that the biggest problem was the cosmetic condition of the phone. We were constantly seeing perfectly good working tech being tossed aside because of scratches and cracks.

Did you know that 80% of a phone’s value is in its cosmetic condition.

We get it, and stuff happens but a little bit of care can save us MILLIONS.




Not just cash but e-waste too. Sometimes, a smashed screen or back can be so costly to replace with the right parts that it’s not worth doing, and that can be solved with a just a little case and a screen protector.


We realised that if we were going to help challenge this problem then we needed to offer cases but we soon also realised that cases are an issue in and of itself! Phone cases also contribute to mountains of waste and when you look at the hard stats (that less that 10% of plastic is actually recycled), you start to think if we should just go back to the days of sending letters or... talking in person (SOS). 


Anyway, we came up with a solution...


To make a case that contained no plastic and made no waste. And after a few months developing them and making sure they looked good too, we launched our re:case - a 100% compostable phone case designed to #protectourfuture. Fast forward to now and the range is better than ever, with more colours and styles for you to choose from.


Our cases are plastic free and engineered form plant-based bio-polymers. Put simply, they don’t cost the planet.


Unlike their plastic counterparts, they won’t end up as micro-plastics in the ocean when you chuck em in the bin. Better yet, when you’re ready for an upgrade, compost it in your back garden and soon enough it’ll be nourishing your soil.


Their hard-wearing yet soft-to-touch feel means your phones cosmetic condition value is protected for longer too. This means more money in your pocket when you swap your phone for an upgrade (£££!).

Plus, reboxed plants 1 tree for every case sold in an effort to become carbon neutral and 1% of every purchase goes to global environmental organisations.


Reboxed eco phone cases come in a variety of colours to suit any style for a wide range of iPhone and Samsung models.

Right now, you can grab a reboxed 100% compostable case in:

The Circle Purple

Midnight Navy

Sunset Pink

Ocean Green

Space Black

Sunshine Yellow

Grab yours today for only £20 and together we can #protectourfuture.

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