Refurbished Samsung Phones to buy in 2022

Buying a refurbished Samsung is one of the easiest ways you can get your hands on the latest Samsung models with all the new specs without burning a huge hole in your pocket - plus it's way better for the planet too.

Refurbished usually means a device has been pre-owned and repaired to its original condition - or as close to. Thanks to the linear nature of the tech industry and our obsession with upgrading to a new device every year, many of these devices have been barely used. At reboxed, we often come across devices that have been returned simple due to a change of mind and as a result are deemed second-hand.

Regardless of where the phone comes from, official resellers will quality check every device they receive and even whack a 12-month warranty on top to protect you from any possible faults.

The benefits?

You walk away with a Samsung that is as good as new all while saving yourself a ton of cash - plus you diverted a phone from landfill. Win. Win. 

If this has tempted you and you’re ready to buy a refurbished Samsung, then look no further. 

Here are our recommendations for the best refurbished Samsung phones to buy in 2022:

Samsung Galaxy 21 5G Refurbished:

The specs:

  • 6.2” Full HD+ AMOLED display
  • 64 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP triple lens camera
  • 128 GB storage
  • Facial recognition and fingerprint scanner
  • 5G connectivity

The details:

It's impossible to review the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 without comparing it to the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S21. Samsung has dropped a bunch of specs from this handset, notably the Galaxy S20 from 2020 for two reasons. The first is Samsung wanted to drop the price of this handset - the S21 launched with a starting price of £729, compared to the Galaxy S20 5G’s starting at £899.

The second is that Samsung is putting the focus on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which is the slightly flashier and more expensive model. 

So what can you expect from the S21 in 2022? We’ve seen improvements to the camera software, a powerful chipset, a strong battery with a whole day of use from a full charge, plus fast-charging and wireless charging options.

The screen is slightly lower-spec than the S20, with a Full HD + 6.2-inch display, and strong, bright colours.

Our verdict? If you already own the Samsung Galaxy S20, then maybe stay clear of the S21. While it offers some new features, overall the differences between the two phones are minor.

Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra 5G Refurbished:


  • 6.8” Full HD+ AMOLED display
  • 108 MP + 12 MP + 10 + 10 MP quadruple lens camera
  • 128 GB storage
  • Facial recognition and fingerprint scanner
  • 5G connectivity

The details:

When the Samsung Galaxy S21 first came out, it was the company’s flagship phone - fitted with top notch specs, more camera, and even S Pen compatibility. In true Samsung style, they released an even better device in 2022 - the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, meaning you can now get your hands on a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 for a fraction of the price.

The 2021 phone has a 108MP sensor, two telephoto cameras, a 100x zoom, and 40MP selfies, as well as 5G, a full-day battery, and up to 16GB of RAM. All of this is housed in a 6.8-inch 120Hz Quad HD display with an improved in-screen fingerprint sensor with 1.7x more surface area than the Galaxy S20.

Expect sharp photos with dynamic range plus the 10x and 3x optical zoom levels get the perfect shot every time. The real winner of this phone is its curved edge-to-edge display, smaller great camera bump and matt black colour option making the Galaxy S21 Ultra Samsung’s best-looking phone ever.

What's even better is that the new look and boosted specs haven’t led to a price increase over the S20 version - so if you’re looking for a good deal of a great phone, then the Samsung S21 is for you!

Refurbished Samsung Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Refurbished:


  • 6.8” Full HD+ AMOLED display
  • 64MP, 12MP and 12MP (10MP front-facing)
  • 128 GB storage
  • Facial recognition and fingerprint scanner
  • 5G connectivity

The details:

The Samsung Galaxy S20 isn't the most cutting-edge of Samsung's S20 lineup – that honour goes to the Galaxy S20 Ultra – but it's still a powerful phone with an ergonomic and appealing design, and new features like 5G, a 120Hz display, and upgraded rear cameras make it an outstanding handset in its own right.

The device had some impressive upgrades from its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S10. It has most of the features of the other phones in the series - the Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra but at a lower price.

The newer Galaxy S21 actually had a lower starting price than the S20 so we recommend looking into that phone too but because its older, the S20 is currently cheaper.  You can get your hands on the Galaxy S20 5G from as low as £379 with reboxed. 

The phone still sports a 6.2-inch screen with 120Hz refresh rate, 5G download speeds, high-spec camera and a great batter.

This phone is perfect for those Samsung lovers looking for a smaller phone without a hefty price tag.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Refurbished:


  • 6.9” Full HD+ AMOLED display
  • 108MP, 48MP, 12MP and 0.3MP 
  • 128 GB storage
  • Facial recognition and fingerprint scanner
  • 5G connectivity

The details:

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is large in every way, with 108MP photographs, a 100x camera zoom, 40MP selfies, and a 6.9-inch 120Hz display. It boasts some notable camera improvements compared to the refurbished Galaxy S10 including 8K video shooting, 64MP camera and 5G support.

Although tthe camera on this device is more powerful than its predecessor, the S20 Ultra device is outperformed by the Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus in most non-zoom shots.

The newer model, the Galaxy S21 Ultra boasts more power, improved camera performance, and support for Samsung's S Pen stylus. It’s unquestionably the superior phone, but it'll cost you slightly than the S20 Ultra does right now - even if you buy refurbished. 

Refurbished Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Refurbished


  • 6.5” FHD+
  • 12MP, 8MP, 12MP, and 31MP front camera
  • 128/256 GB storage
  • 5G 

The details:

While the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition isn't the best example of a 'lite' phone we've seen, it's still a good option for many people who were interested in the standard Refurbished Galaxy S20 but found it a bit too pricey. Three of the S20's best features are present in the FE: a quick screen refresh rate, excellent photography capability, and a strong processor. 

Although the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is less expensive than the base-model S20, it is still more expensive than many other phones with comparable features and specs. So if you’re a die-hard Samsung fan and want something more than a Galaxy A-series phone, then thid device is for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE comes in a wide range of eye-catching colours, ranging from a pale mint to a bright red and beyond. It’s design has divided opinions because the screen does not curve at the corners and the back of the handset is plastic, making it feel a bit cheap.

Another issue is that the battery life isn’t great. The phone wouldn't last a full day with medium or heavy use, and you’d probably have to charge it in the evening after a day of taking photos of playing. This is likely due in large part to a couple of power-hungry top-tier features, including the 120Hz screen and 5G connectivity, so if you don’t make much use of those you’ll stand a better chance of your phone making it through a full day.

This phone is perfect for Samsung lovers looking for a good deal, but we think you could get a better deal on a similar phone from competing brands. 

Our final thoughts:

No matter which Samsung model you choose, it’s always better to opt for refurbished over new. Not only will you save yourself a ton of cash but you’ll be helping to fight e-waste - the world’s fastest growing waste stream. 

Get your hands on the best refurbished tech with reboxed and we’ll plant 5 trees to help offset its lifetime CO2 impact. Plus you can sell us your current phone and use the cash towards your upgrade.

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