More Ways to Earn with reboxed® and Airtime Rewards

Reboxed® has partnered with loyalty app Airtime Rewards to allow customers to make cash and earn rewards - all while helping to fight e-waste by recycling and rehoming old phones.

Airtime Rewards ‘More Ways to Earn’ feature will now give customers the ability to ‘Device Trade-In’ so customers can donate unwanted smartphones for cash, credit towards their airtime bill or donate to a good cause - all powered by reboxed.

Our TechCheck® technology is designed to give customers the exact price for their device in seconds through an AI-based online test or mobile app (available for download on the App Store or Google Play). Once sent, the phone will be data wiped and you'll be paid in 24 hours after the device is received. You can also use your old device as credit to help upgrade to a reboxed® phone, saving as much as £528 when you trade in.  

Over 2 million Airtime Rewards members have access to this incredible service plus much more through their rewards app. Members save money off their mobile phone bill every month simply by shopping with their favourite brands - and now by donating unwanted phones.

Donating your unwanted tech is not only better for your pocket but it's better for the planet too. Over 55 million phones are sitting in drawers and many of those will end up going to waste. E-waste is on track to double by 2050, making it the world’s fastest-growing waste stream.

“Helping our members make sustainable choices is something we’re really passionate about. Our partnership with reboxed® is a win-win, helping to tackle E-waste whilst also rewarding our members for making a positive impact.” - Airtime Rewards founder, Josh Graham

Help us achieve our mission to rehome 100 million devices by checking your bottom drawers for tech and donating it with reboxed and Airtime Rewards. Your phone will be diverted from landfill and given a second life, plus reboxed® will plant 5 trees for every phone rehomed to help offset its lifetime CO2 impact. 

Phil co-founder of reboxed® “We are really excited to partner with forward thinking brands like Airtime Rewards, who are looking to help fight tech waste and add value back to their customers by offering innovative, easy ways to free up cash and making a positive impact on the planet at the same time.” 

Download Airtime Rewards for free from the App store or Google Play and start saving today.

Download reboxed® TechCheck® app from the App store or Google Play |

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