Future Maker: Rio Fredrika

We wanted to create a series to showcase the stories of reboxers that are using their tech to create a positive impact on people and the planet. 


A phone is such an important tool for everyday life, but it also represents an opportunity to be creative, to inspire others, to educate ourselves and change the world. 

Future Makers is a series that dives into how our reboxers use their phone to share their stories, amplify their messages and create a platform to drive social and enviromental change. Our reboxers are helping to create a better future, not just by their choice to buy reboxed but by the way they live their lives - they believe in the same thing we do - don’t take the future make the future. 


To kick off our Future Makers series we spoke with reboxer, Rio Fredrika.

Rio is a broadcaster and voice-over artist best known for brightening up the mornings of millions of Brits on her Capital Dance breakfast show but her role in making a better future goes well beyond this. Check it out.

What future would you like to make? 

The future i’d like to make is one where everyone returns to a place of love. One where we give ourselves the credit we deserve, theres no more negative self talk and we all fulfil our potential. 

What role does your phone play in helping you spread this message?

My phone plays a huge role in me spreading this message - mainly through Instagram. I promote a lot of body positivity because I had an eating disorder for 10 years. I’ve learnt a lot through that journey and since coming out the other side I want to help other people get over it as well. 

My favourite/can’t live without apps:

Instagram, however, sometimes it’s a love/hate relationship!


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