Which 2022 Samsung Smartphones Have the Best Battery Life?

No matter how powerful your smartphone is, if it doesn’t have a good battery life, you won't be going very far. Yes, you might argue that a portable charger helps, but no one wants to lug that around.

Samsung, and many other big tech brands have gone out of their way to prove that it is possible to have all the bells and whistles on a high-end smartphone and still get a full day of battery from 1 charge. We actually took a look at the best iPhones for battery life and the best Smartphones for battery life here - the results might surprise you.


But which of today’s Samsung models has the best battery life? Well, to facilitate your customer journey we’ve decided to bring you an up-to-date list of Samsung battery lives according to this video from YouTuber Darius K.

Let’s take a look.


  1. S21+ - 4800mAh - 9 hours 2 minutes

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2. S22+ - 4500mAh - 8 hours 39 minutes

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3. S22 Ultra - 5000mAh - 8 hours 37 minutes


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4. S21 Ultra - 5000mAh - 8 hours 32 minutes

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5. S22 - 3700mAh - 7 hours 21 minutes

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6. S21 - 4000mAh - 7 hours 14 minutes

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7. S21 FE - 4500mAh - 6 hours 46 minutes

8. Flip 3 - 3300mAh - 5 hours 34 minutes



All the latest Samsungs ranked for battery life

Rank Model
Battery life (Hours)
1 Samsung S21 Plus 9hrs 2mins
2 Samsung S22 Plus 8hrs 39mins
3 Samsung S22 Ultra 8hr 37Mins
4 Samsung S21 Ultra 8hrs 32mins
5 Samsung S22 7hrs 21mins
6 Samsung S21 7hrs 14mins
7 Samsung S21 FE 6hrs 46mins
8 Samsung Flip 3 5hr 34Mins


Still unsure?

We've broken down some of your most frequently asked questions below:

Is there such a thing as ‘normal’ phone usage?


Today’s smartphones are evidence that we’re living in the future today. Just twenty years ago the thought of having a handheld computer with multiple functions was more associated with Sci-Fi movies than real life…


Smartphones have transcended our realm of possibility. We can make payments on the go, watch videos, connect with people from around the world, and so much more. But with great power comes great responsibility, where the more we demand from our phones the better the batteries that operate them must be.


Samsung has emerged as one of the leading phone manufacturers in the world. Phone enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the latest Samsung releases, where the promise of new and improved features tantalises users across the globe.


Today’s modern phone users greatly benefit from impressive phone battery power, but how much better can phone batteries really get?

Is It Worth Upgrading to the Latest Samsung Model For Its Battery?

Many of today’s consumers have acknowledged that it’s not necessary to upgrade your phone every year. It’s true that with every Samsung release there are incremental improvements, but how much further can Samsung push the envelope?


The company is limited by the technology that’s currently available, where phone features can only upgrade to a certain point. Anything beyond today’s scope is merely a futuristic concept, in a market where the innovation curve has flattened.


If you are running an old Samsung device, the Galaxy S22 is looking like a solid purchase from only £599 with reboxed. However, if you’re currently operating the S21 and considering upgrading, this choice is unlikely to be justified. Unless you’re using the S10, S20 or older you should probably wait for next year’s flagship model.


The Galaxy S22 battery is a significant downgrade from the S21 series. Despite the S22 packing an impressive 5000mAh battery (the same as the S21), various tests have indicated it doesn’t last as long. This is believed to have been caused by the introduction of the power-sapping Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Exynos 2200 chips.


The standard S22 has a worse battery than its predecessor, where lower capacity has negatively impacted the longevity of the device. In many ways, the reduced battery life is a trade-off for enhanced processing power, where the more you can do via a device with a high-resolution screen and features with high energy consumption, the more the battery will pay the price.


To make matters worse, Samsung has bumped its charging speed to 45W. This has contributed to the phone taking roughly one hour to reach its maximum charge.


If you’re looking to upgrade from the S10 or S22, you’ll notice a big improvement if you upgrade to any version of the S22. You’ll certainly notice the bigger battery when you’re maximising your phone’s use with reassurance it will last the course.


What Are You Using Your Phone For?

When assessing the phone market to work out the best device for you, it’s important to get a firm grip on what you’ll be using your phone for. You should take some time out to contemplate how much you’ll be using your phone and for what purposes.


There are various scenarios to consider, including whether you’ll need your phone for work, regular everyday use, streaming, gaming, etc. For example, a manual labourer would have fewer opportunities to use their phone than someone who works in an office and coordinates meetings through their device.


With this being said, think about the processing power you need and use this to determine what level of battery you’ll require. Your phone’s battery will power everything on your device so it’s responsible for the duration you get.


As previously referenced, high-performance models drain more battery life due to high-level processing and the additional hardware they incorporate. Power consumption differs based on the extent to which you coordinate your phone’s apps.


Lots of use (particularly multiple apps being run simultaneously) = increased battery drainage.


Be honest with yourself when working out how much you’ll need to use your phone. If you’re an avid phone user with expectations for lavish, regular use, you should consider choosing one of the longer-lasting handsets displayed below.


How Do Battery Lives Differ Between Models?

It’s always interesting to observe how battery lives are changing with each model release. You can sense an air of great anticipation when a new model is announced. But is this excitement really justified?


We haven’t experienced a groundbreaking improvement for some time, one that changes the landscape of how we use phones. However, when assessing the bigger picture you can truly appreciate how far we’ve come. It's breathtaking to see what we can accomplish on a mobile device, especially when you take a step back and view things from an overarching perspective.


But with improvements slowing down as processing power and demand increase, the phone battery of a device plays a big role in whether you’re likely to purchase it or not. You might demand more than 10 hours of battery life from your phone, in which case battery life is a huge factor.


We hope this helps you choose the phone of your dreams. Good luck with your search and stay tuned for the next edition!


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