Why trading-in your old tech with Reboxed is better for your pocket and our planet!

If you’ve recently upgraded your phone you might be left feeling unsure about what to do with your old one. Chances are, you’ll throw it away or put it in the bottom drawer for a ‘rainy day’ (where it will eventually end up going in the bin). Although this might be an easy solution, it actually contributes to mountains of e-waste - the world’s fastest-growing waste stream.  But don’t worry, there are ways of getting rid of your old phone that are better for the planet and your wallet - like trading it in!

What does trading in your tech mean?

Trade in your old tech

Trading in your old tech means sending off or selling your old phone for an upgrade. The old phone is refurbished and rehomed like these a refurbished iPhone 11, 12 & 13s - and for much cheaper than new too.

What are the benefits of trading in old tech?

Besides from knowing that you’ve saved a phone from landfill and helped fight e-waste, trading in your phone will also save you a tonne of cash too. But thats not all! Learn more about how everyone benefits from trading in old technology below:

Better for your pocket: 

There are a few benefits to you from trading in your phone, The first of these is that you can get paid for trading in your own technology. When you bin your old phone or laptop, there's no way of getting any more value from it. Trading in your old phone means that you get some money back as the trade-in businesses will pay for your old phone. Why not make some spare cash from your old tech?

Another benefit to you is that you know you're doing the right thing for the environment. When thrown away, old phones end up contaminating the ground underneath them which can have a huge impact on the state of our planet and seriously impact the health of the workers mining the waste.  

Help someone else save money and the planet:

Now that you've replaced your phone with a newer model, there’ll be someone out there e that can make great use of your old device. When you hand in your device you make sure that someone can buy a great quality phone that would otherwise go to waste for a fraction of the cost of a new model. 

Helping the world around us

Better for the planet

Finally, there are significant benefits to the world around us from trading in your phone. As previously mentioned, the first benefit is the fact your phone doesn't go to landfill. We make sure the traded in devices are recycled properly so they don’t end up in landfill. Keeping parts and devices in circulation means that they don't have the opportunity to go to landfill and cause untold ecological harm.

In addition to the ecological impact of the existing phone, keeping your phone in circulation means that there is one less phone that needs to be manufactured. This means that you play a part in keeping important rare elements in the ground and reduce emissions by limiting the need to manufacture quite as many phones. This isn't just a process that involves your current phone but helps to keep control of production processes in the future. You see the short term benefits and trading in has long-term impacts too.

How to trade a phone in

Although trading in your phone sounds like a daunting process, it’s super  simple. This is a matter of cleaning the data from your phone, completing a factory reset and sending the phone off to reboxed®. This is an even simpler process when using reboxed® as you have access to the reboxed® app, which provides you with the value of your phone immediately. From this point, decide whether you'd rather take money or credit towards an upgrade and wait for the money to come in when your phone arrives.

Get started

If you're interested in trading in your phone, boosting your bank balance and protecting the world around us, get started with the trade-in process today. Using reboxed® is quick, easy and means that you get great value for your phone. Make the responsible decision, trade your phone in today to make the most of your spare tech.

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