Reboxing Day - Give your old phone a new life

Get £25 extra by selling unwanted tech this Reboxing Day with code reboxing25 - and help fight e-waste.

We love to give and receive new tech at Christmas but figuring out what to do with our old devices? Not so much. Now reboxing day makes it much easier.

We’re transforming Boxing Day into reboxing day: the perfect opportunity to sell or recycle the devices you no longer need thanks to Santa’s delivery. Bag yourself a bit of extra cash as well as the satifsaction of not adding to the growing mountains of electronic waste.

How it works:

  1. Head to

  2. Find your device and get a quote

  3. Send it to us for same day cashback, store credit or donate to charity

We plant 5 trees to offset the carbon footprint of your device.


100 million mission

We’re committed to tackling what the UN describes as one of the world’s biggest environmental issues: e-waste. Levels of hazardous electronic waste, or e-waste, are expected to double to 74 million metric tonnes in the sixteen years to 2030. In fact, it's estimated that 5 billion phones will be thrown away in the UK alone in 2022.

Every phone rehomed with reboxed keeps one device from landfill, so we’ve set ourselves a mission to rehome 100 million devices by the end of 2030 in order to change these statistics.


Better for your pocket, better for our planet

Even if a phone isn’t good enough to rehome, we ensure that it is responsibly recycled with our partners. You can also donate the value of your device or the device itself to our charity partners.


Donate the value of your device to our partners at Ecologi to help offset carbon emissions.

The average iPhone produced 79kg of Co2 in its lifetime and 80% of that comes from manufacturing alone. We work with Ecologi to offset the lifetime carbon footprint of every phone rehomed through tree planting and climate restoration projects.

As a certified B Corp we’re committed to continuing to fight climate change through this partner and have already planted over 32,000 tree’s and supported over 42 climate action projects - check out our impact here


Our partnership with UK charity Hubbub:

Over 7 million people in the UK don't have internet access. Help them get connected with reboxed x Hubbub.

Donate your device via and through Hubbub we’ll give that device a second life with someone who needs it most.

Hubbub has already rehomed almost 10,000 smartphones but with 28 million more going unsused in people’s homes, there’s lots we can do to get more people digitally connected. 

Use code reboxing25 for £25 extra cashback at checkout.


Offer valid from 26th Dec 2022 - midnight 2nd Jan 2023

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