reboxed device grading 1:1

Buying used tech can be very hit and miss. That’s because the grading system most dealers use is too broad, too vague and based on opinion, not data.

We knew that if we wanted to help make buying used and refurbished phones go mainstream we needed to make the whole process safer, smarter – and above all, more scientific. Enter the TechCheck®.

TechCheck® is our 70 point diagnostic test. We use it to inspect and certify every phone before you buy it. We use this intuitive 360-degree technology to check the device's battery health, connectivity, authenticity, functions and whether it’s unlocked - to ensure your phone is in perfect working condition.

Thanks to TechCheck® you can be certain that there is no functional difference between a reboxed refurbished device and a new one.

What’s the difference between a Fair, Great and Premium device?

At reboxed, you can be certain that all of our devices are in full working order - the only difference will be in their cosmetic condition, i.e. what they look like.

We use something called a TechScore to cosmetically grade used devices. Our new science-driven scoring system brings transparency to the grey world of used tech by offering clear, accurate criteria for device quality. To do this, we’ve redesigned the traditional grading system with a data generated score:


Rating: 5.0



A Premium condition device is pretty much perfect or in near-mint condition. This condition device is the closest you get to a new phone - but without the hefty price tag. 

What to expect:

  • Casing: Micro scratches you can barely see
  • Screen: Any signs of use will be so small they are almost impossible to see
  • Hardware: 100% fully working, tested, checked, and cleaned 
  • Battery: All our Premium device batteries are at least 85% health or more



Rating: 4.0


A Great condition device may have some light scratches you can only see up close.  

What to expect:

  • Casing: Light scratches and scuffs
  • Screen: light scratches you can’t see when the screen is on
  • Hardware: 100% fully working, tested, checked, and cleaned  
  • Battery: At least 80% health


Rating: 3.0


A Fair condition phone may have moderate signs of wear and tear from previous use. You may notice some scratches, scuffs or dents - but these can easily be covered with a phone case and screen protector.

What to expect:

  • Casing: Some deeper scratches, scuffs or dents
  • Screen: Some heavy visible scratches or chips
  • Hardware: 100% fully working, tested, checked, and cleaned 
  • Battery: At least 80% health

Our Fair condition devices are also the lowest in price - so if you aren’t too worried about a scuff or scratch and looking for a good deal, then definitely give them a go! 

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