Our Latest iPhone XR Deals - Better For Your Pocket And Our Planet

Our Latest iPhone XR Deals

Let’s imagine that you started using a mobile phone when you were ten years old. If you replace your phone every couple of years, by your 80s, you might have used more than 30 phones! And, it’s possible that most of these old phones are stored up and forgotten about somewhere in your home, or even worse, dumped in some refuse bins or poorly-managed landfill sites somewhere. The major problem with simply tossing out old phones in the bin is that phone waste contributes to electronic waste and is quickly becoming one of the toughest categories of waste to manage worldwide.

Exactly how dangerous is phone waste?

Did you know that it can take well over 500 years for the plastic in your discarded phone to decompose? That's not all. The glass components in your mobile phone will not decompose naturally. Some statistics indicate that glass can last for over 1 million years without deteriorating. It will darken and change colour with time, but it will not decompose. Instead, it’s more likely that a discarded phone will continue to pollute the environment and pose a hazard to humans and animals for centuries to come.

Now, imagine, if you will, the amount of electronic waste that would accumulate if all the millions of mobile phone users in the UK decided to throw out their old phones without any plan for recycling or refurbishment. That would not be a pretty picture at all. Plastic and glass - especially the premium quality kind used in high-end mobile phones - are particularly tough to ethically dispose of.

That's why in many parts of the world, mobile phones are classified as hazardous waste because there’s hardly any absolutely fail-safe and acceptable way to avoid the hazards from disused mobile phones. When dumped in landfills, the chemicals in the phones and batteries will gradually leach into the groundwater system. If old phones are incinerated, they release harmful compounds into the air.

Surely, there must be better ways to handle all this waste? One option is selling your phone to us so we can find it a new home. We've received hundreds of preloved devices from our community since launch, and given them all a new home - including the popular refurbished iPhone XR.

Our latest iPhone XR deals

Here are a few benefits when you sell your iPhone XR to us.

For your pocket

Unlike most other phone refurbishing companies that insist on paying you a fixed price for a particular model of phone, we take the time to give you a precise price, based on your actual device.

iPhone XR Deals that are better for your pocket

Depending on its condition, you could get hundreds of pounds for your used iPhone XR. The exact price is determined after running a fair and transparent process using TechCheck: our diagnostic testing process for grading and certifying used phones.

In addition, you get an instant and accurate quote for your device and same-day payment. Based on whatever arrangement is more convenient for you, you can choose to have your phone collected from your home, post it to us, or simply drop it off at one of our stores close to where you live.

For our planet

Just like any other mobile phone out there, a lot of steps and processes were involved in the creation of your iPhone XR. Mobile phones are made up of several non-renewable resources like copper, aluminium, gold, and silver. The mining processes to extract these metals are labour-intensive and complex. Often these processes impact the immediate environment and can sometimes be dangerous for mine workers. These extraction levels and frequencies can be greatly reduced if more people embrace the idea of refurbishing and selling their old phones.

Refurbished iPhone XR Deals - Save the Planet

Also, choosing to refurbish your iPhone XR not only reduces the extraction of minerals, but also helps to reduce pollution from the liquid, solid, and gaseous wastes generated by mines and mobile phone manufacturers. Furthermore, we help to reduce the carbon footprint of these devices by making each phone carbon neutral. This is possible because we pay to offset the lifetime emissions of every phone that comes to us.

You can buy refurbished iPhone XRs too

We’re not only focused on sellers though. Buyers are welcome too. For those who want to buy a refurbished phone, every time they purchase a refurbished mobile phone at Reboxed, they are also supporting us to plant 5 trees.

Recyle, Reuse, Reboxed - Refurbished iPhone XR

Some of our latest refurbished iPhone XR deals include:

  • White Apple iPhone XR 64GB in great condition - price from £289 (save up to £210 when you accept this deal). • Black Apple iPhone XR 64GB in premium condition - price from £319 (save up to £210 when you accept this deal). • Yellow Apple iPhone XR 64GB in premium condition - price from £319 (save up to £180 if you choose this deal). • Red Apple iPhone XR 256GB in great condition - price from £329 (save up to £220 if you choose this deal).

...and many more deals as well.

At Reboxed, our refurbished iPhone XR deals come with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have the option of paying for our deals in 3 instalments.

Get in touch to find out more

Ultimately, when it comes to discarding plastic, glass, and phone waste, it’s no longer business as usual. Newer, faster phones are coming off the production line every year. For the sake of our planet, we need to do better. We can't keep dumping these phones haphazardly. Instead of tossing out your old iPhone XR, why not get in touch with us today?

Let's show you how reboxing your phone can be a smarter, safer, and more sustainable way to move on from an old model. At Reboxed, we don’t claim to have all the answers about phone waste, but we’re doing our bit to improve the situation. Be a part of the solution by reboxing your phone with us today. Another level of assurance we give you is that with Reboxed, you never have to worry about what happens to your private information on the old phone. Everything is wiped clean, leaving no trace - that’s our guarantee to you. No-fuss. No drama.

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