iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Colour Guide - Which One Should You Choose?

New iPhones, new Choices.

The release of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max has brought an array of exciting colour options, sparking debates among tech enthusiasts. In this article, we'll dive into the different color choices available and help you decide which one suits your preferences and style.

From natural titanium to classic black, we'll explore each color's characteristics, including how they look in cases, to assist you in making an informed decision.

Natural Titanium - A Symbol of Innovation

Apple's choice of "Natural Titanium" as the defining color for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max represents a shift towards using titanium materials for the phone's sides. This year, this is our colour pick - we love the way it brings the nostalgic apple brushed aluminium feel back, despite it being a different material.

This change makes the color more iconic than previous iterations. Natural Titanium is an ideal choice for:

  • Those who seek a distinct color for their iPhone, emphasising its novelty.
  • Apple Watch Ultra owners looking to match their devices, as the titanium materials complement each other.
  • Individuals who appreciate the gold color but prefer a subtler hue, as this option strikes a balance between white and gold.

Natural Titanium's unique brushed finish on the edges enhances its appeal while being less prone to fingerprints and scratches.

White Titanium - Classic Apple Elegance

Previously referred to as "Silver," this year's "White Titanium" iPhone offers a silver metal titanium casing with a white glass back panel.

It maintains the classic Apple aesthetic and is suitable for:

  • Those who appreciate the timeless white color, synonymous with Apple's design language.
  • Users who prefer a clean and bright appearance, making the phone stand out.
  • Individuals who want a balance between aesthetics and durability, as it's less susceptible to visible fingerprints and scratches.

The only downside is that the brushed titanium look on the sides isn't as pronounced with this color.

Blue Titanium - A Deep and Moody Hue

The "Blue Titanium" iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is not a million miles away from the previous colours we seen apple release, especially across the new Macs. At first glance you'd be excused to think its a Space grey, or Graphite, but in the light you can tell.

Notable for its deep blue hue, which can sometimes appear purple from certain angles. This color appeals to those who:

  • Love colder tones and desire a unique and striking look.
  • Want a darker phone without going for the traditional black.
  • Own other Apple products, like the MacBook Air or Apple Watch, in a similar shade.

However, the dark color may make fingerprints more visible, and scratches or marks could be noticeable.

Black Titanium - The Epitome of Elegance

Probably on the face of it the most anticipate and purchased colour of this years line up, given the space greys and darker variants have been so popular across previous series, we'd say that the "Black Titanium" is the safest and most elegant choice, symbolising the Pro lineup's sophistication.

It's an ideal option for:

  • Users who appreciate a timeless, matte black finish that looks great in any lighting.
  • Those who prefer a consistent, minimalist appearance both indoors and outdoors.
  • Individuals who prioritize a stealthy, unassuming aesthetic that doesn't draw attention.

Black Titanium maintains its allure with minimal fingerprints and scratches, making it a top choice for many.

Choosing Your Color 

Ultimately, your choice of iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max color should reflect your personal style and preferences. Consider how often you upgrade your phone and whether you want a color that stands out or blends in. Additionally, think about how the color complements your other Apple devices.

Finally, remember that adding a protective case can enhance both the appearance and durability of your chosen iPhone color. The choice is yours, and with these insights, you can confidently select the perfect iPhone color to suit your needs and make a statement in the world of technology.

Our verdict

We’re loving the “Natural Titanium” – our founder has ben rocking it for a few months and says he wouldn't change the color. He does admit though that the Silver version has grown on him and would be the second choice now, where initially the Black took the number 2 spot.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max offer a diverse range of colors, each with its unique appeal. Whether you opt for the innovative Natural Titanium, the classic White Titanium, the moody Blue Titanium, or the elegant Black Titanium, your choice should reflect your style and preferences. With the right color and protective case, your iPhone can become both a fashion statement and a reliable companion in your daily life.

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