What's New About iOS 15? An Overview of the New iPhone Software Update

Apple is always coming out with new updates to the iOS software. On September 20th, 2021, Apple released a new update for iPhone users called iOS 15. The update has many exciting features that will please any iPhone user.

You can now focus, explore and do more with a single device. What’s even better, you don't have to buy a brand new iPhone to enjoy the latest updates on iOS 15. Yep. You can get your hands on a refurbished iPhone for up to 40% cheaper and benefit from the features of iOS15. Win. Win. 

So what can you expect from the latest iO5 update? Below we’ll dive into the key changes you’ll find from the latest version of iOS 15.

Key Feature Updates

iOS 15: Focus Mode

This new feature filters out notifications and apps based on what you choose to focus on during that particular time. Thus, you can avoid unnecessary distractions and focus on the task at hand.

You can activate the focus mode by turning on the Do Not Disturb mode to switch off everything. Or, you can customize your Focus mode based on what you're doing, choose an icon and give it your preferred name. The customization also allows you to choose which notifications can pop up.

Activating Focus mode on one Apple device will automatically activate on your other Apple devices. Anyone trying to contact you from another iOS 15 device will get notifications that your incoming notifications are silent. This feature prevents them from nagging you.

iOS 15: New Look for Notifications

You can now quickly glance at notifications when busy and decide whether it's worth your time or not. Notifications icons now come with a new look. 

App icons on the notification panel are now big making it easy to steal a glance. Incoming messages come with a photo on the sender if they are in your contact list. With this feature, it's easier to prioritize notifications and incoming messages.

New ios 15 software

There is also an option for muting notifications temporarily. You can mute incoming notifications for an hour or more if you are busy. 

The improved feature will alert you to mute any conversation you are yet to reply. This feature will keep you focused on what you are doing and attend to the notifications when you're free.

Enjoy Apple's new notification summary in the morning or the evening. You can set up which notification summary you're interested in and at what time of the day they should display. The feature intelligently arranges from the most relevant to the least.

iOS 15: Facetime Improvements

Apple has made improvements on FaceTime calls. This is just like any other video messaging tool that resembles Zoom or Microsoft. But, FaceTime app improvements make video messaging exciting and more natural.

For instance, the new FaceTime has a portrait mode that burs your background. So, whenever you're on a video, this feature helps maintain the focus on you and not the background. 

Additionally, the improvements make it easy for you to see up to six group call members in the same size tiles. And it also highlights the current speaker, making it easy to see who is talking.

IOS 15 comes with spatial audio and voice isolation modes to make FaceTime calls natural. Spatial audio makes the speaker's voice appears like it's emanating from the direction of their image on the call. This tweak gives a natural feeling to video calls on this app.

However, this update is available on iPhone XR and above. The voice isolation mode filters out background noise during video calls. It also has a wide spectrum mode that captures every sound around you into the call. This is ideal if you are attending online music lessons.

iOS 15: SharePlay

This new feature allows iPhone users to share media during FaceTime calls. You can watch your best movie or TV show with your friends during calls. Any member of the group call can also play music, and the rest of you can add your favourite hits to the shared queue.

 It has an intelligent volume future that allows regulating music volume so that you can hear what your friends are saying. It's one of the best ways to have fun with your friends virtually.

You can share web pages and apps during the FaceTime call with the sharing screen feature. What more? It allows you to display the shared videos on FaceTime to your Apple TV for a bigger display. 

iOS 15: Photo Improvements

The new improvements make it easy to auto-assemble common images into a slideshow. The slideshow depends on similarities such as date, location, or event. And it comes with a unique capability that allows you to add music from Apple Music into the slideshow. It is a perfect feature for personalizing your memorable photos. 

Thanks to the Spotlight feature, you can now search for texts displayed in images. To activate this, turn on the Live Text feature. You will be able to search for texts, including phone numbers or locations on any of the images on your iPhone.

iOS 15: Messaging Improvements

Any message that comes into your iPhone will now appear in the "Shared with You" section. You can now pin all the relevant messages shared with you, and they will be top of your Shared with You section. All links and articles sent via messages will appear on the Shared with You part on your Safari start page.

You can now share images and quickly save them through messages. On the right-hand side of the image, an icon prompts you to save the image by tapping on it. And it will save the photos in your Photos library for easy access. Additionally, you can send music and Apple Podcasts via messages. They will appear on the Shared with You category of Listen Now.

How to Install iOS 15

Install iOS 15 for Refurbished iPhones

The iOS 15 update is available for free from the Settings app on your iPhone. Go to General > Software Update and follow the prompts to install iOS 15. However, your iPhone or iPod should be in the category that supports the new iOS software.

iOS 15 is a significant software update for the iPhone. It has new features that will help you maintain focus, enjoy video calls and achieve more from your iPhone. Install it today and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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