Carbon neutral phones: how planting trees can offset the lifetime carbon footprint of your phone


Have you ever stopped to think about how much carbon your smartphone produces? Whilst our phones are small enough to slip into our back pockets, their lifetime carbon footprints are often huge – with most of their impact occurring long before we get our hands on them. 

Believe it or not, the average carbon footprint of an iPhone is around 80kg of CO2 over its lifetime, a hefty amount considering its size (this figure tends to vary device to device, but you check out the carbon footprint of your phone here). 

It’ll come as no surprise that these emissions are super harmful to the environment, but, luckily enough, there is a way we can offset them.

Enter Ecologi. We are really proud to be members of this pioneering organisation who help brands like reboxed to take real action against climate change. 

They achieve this by enabling brands to offset our carbon footprint by supporting various initiatives such as tree planting, rainforest conservation, and renewable energy projects around the world. Additionally, Ecologi supports the funding of climate projects that aim to reduce carbon emissions and create a positive impact on the environment. 

So, how exactly do they do this?

For every device rehomed via reboxed, we plant 5 trees with Ecologi. Trees are essential in mitigating climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) during photosynthesis.

Believe it or not, an average mature tree can absorb around 22 kg of CO2 per year; this means that we are able to offset the carbon emissions equivalent to one iPhone by planting and growing 4 trees for 25 years. Our decision to plant 5 trees for every rehomed device aims to help offset even more carbon so they’re more likely to be carbon neutral or carbon positive. 

So far, we’ve planted over 35k trees through reforestation projects with Ecologi and offset 82.2 tonnes of carbon, that’s the same as 63 long haul flights!

Why else should we plant trees?

Planting trees goes far beyond just offsetting carbon emissions. They also provide lush habitats in which wildlife can thrive, improve air quality, and reduce soil erosion. Plus, trees help to cool down urban areas by providing shade and cooling effects. In short: the more trees, the better. 

However, planting trees alone won't solve the problem of climate change. As proud as we are of our work with Ecologi, there will always be more to be done. We need to reduce our carbon footprint in all aspects of our lives and using tech that already exists will always be a great place to start. 

Other steps towards limiting our environmental impact could include using energy-efficient devices, reducing energy consumption, and shifting to renewable energy sources. For even more ideas, read up on how else you can reduce the carbon footprint of your phone here.

At the end of the day, planting trees is a super simple and effective way to offset the carbon emissions of our electronic devices. As a crucial tool in tackling the climate crisis and keeping our temperatures from rising above 1.5C, reforestation initiatives will help us reduce our carbon footprint. With that in mind, we hope you’ll join us in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and make our planet a better place for everyone!

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