Jay Hussein review: Can reboxed® be trusted?

Jay Hussein, also known as @chrge_it on TikTok , put our service and devices to the test to answer that question for you.

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He gets right into the reviews, starting with our packaging. He talks about how many accessories and extras we include in our boxes, as well as how our 70-point TechCheck® booklets give a full report on your device and all the features that have been tested.
TechCheck® is our intuitive 360-degree technology that lets us determine a more accurate price for your phone based on its actual condition when you sell it to us. It also lets us do remote health checks to make sure your phone is working exactly as it should and deliver our 12-month warranty.

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Jay quickly moves on to reviewing one phone from each of our three grades: "Fair," "Great," and "Premium" (find out more about our grades here). Starting with a "Fair" grade iPhone XS, he says that the phone has a lot of marks and scratches on the outside that match the "Fair" grade description on our website.
Moving onto the hardware test, we promise that all of our devices will have at least 80% battery health, and this fair grade device had 84% battery health. Jay said this device "passed with flying colours" after he quickly went through the rest of the hardware tests.

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When looking at our iPhone XS Max in "Great" condition, Jay says, "At first glance, there are no marks or scratches on the outside of the phone." He had to look very closely to see that the bottom of the device had some slight discolouration, but other than that he labelled it as "close to brand new."
Just like with the last phone, he tests the hardware, starting with the battery life, which is good at 86%. When the device was put through a full hardware test, it passed with no issues. In comparison to the fair grade device, this one exceeded Jay's expectations instead of just meeting them.

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Finally, let's talk about our iPhone 11 in "Premium" condition. Jay says that the device is "practically immaculate" from the outside. There is a tiny scratch right next to the sim card tray, but other than that, the device looks "brand new."
Again, going through the usual hardware checks, the battery life is at a very good 90%, and then a full hardware test is run. Jay states, reboxed® "passed with flying colours" for the third time in a row!

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Overall, Jay says that reboxed® is very consistent with their performance, and that all three devices met or exceeded expectations. We want to thank Jay immensely for putting our devices to the test and showing that you don't have to sacrifice quality when you choose secondhand tech.


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