10 Most Common Faults with Samsung Smartphones

Samsung smartphones are some of the most cutting-edge mobile devices on the market. They are easily the most popular Android smartphones, revered for their technological brilliance, but technology is never unbreakable. Faults and damage happen, and they can cause stress to the owner of the device. Some problems are more difficult to solve than others, particularly if you are not very savvy with technology.

There are some faults that cannot be repaired, but it is always worth taking your device to an authorised repairs workshop to take a look at it. If all else fails, you can sell your device to be recycled with Reboxed to get some money towards your next phone and to choose an environmentally-friendly disposal method.

It can help to know what common faults for Samsung smartphones are so that you can try to prevent them from occurring. Here are the 10 most common faults with Samsung smartphones.

  1. Poor battery life

You may start to notice that your smartphone never has a lot of battery, even though you aren't using it much. There are various factors that can cause this, like too many apps running in the background, but an older battery may be on its way out. If the battery is at the end of its lifespan, it's time to purchase a replacement, but try uninstalling some apps, turning off location services and BlueTooth, etc. It might increase your battery life.

  1. Apps won't download

apps wont download

This is quite common with Android devices like Samsung smartphones, and it is usually a consequence of a corrupt cache. You can try cleaning the apps cache and deleting the history in Google Play and the Google Play Services. After this, restart your phone and you should be able to download apps again. If this doesn't work, contact an expert and see if they can get to the bottom of it.

  1. Samsung smartphones charging port damage

Charging Port Damage

The charging ports of mobile phones tend to take wear and tear damage over time. The most common causes are misuse and dirt, and it usually takes a repair to remedy this issue. However, you could try cleaning the port with a dry toothbrush or cotton bud to remove any dirt and dust that has accumulated.

  1. MicroSD card problems

Older MicroSD cards tend to develop problems that cause Samsung smartphones to be unable to recognise them. The best way to remedy this is to insert the card into your PC card reader and format it - perhaps more than once. When you have done this, try inserting the SD card into your phone again.

  1. Water damage

It is not uncommon for people to drop their mobile phones into the toilet or the washing-up bowl. Often, the damage from the water is beyond repair, but it may be salvageable. First of all, don't try to turn the device back on. Instead, remove the battery and place the phone in a bowl of dry rice to absorb the moisture, then try bringing it to a repair shop to see if they can repair the damage.

  1. Google Play keeps crashing

Google Play Crashing

It is very frustrating when you are browsing Google Play and it keeps crashing every few minutes. This is a common issue and is usually caused by a corrupt cache. Try clearing the cache for Google Play Store, and if it still doesn't work then do the same for Google Play Services and Google Services Framework.

  1. Overheating device

This is sometimes caused by issues with your phone battery, but there can be other causes. It could be down to a fault with your phone charger, or perhaps it's as simple as leaving the phone in direct sunlight. If your phone is overheating, you should address the problem swiftly before it damages the battery and/or the screen. One thing to try is closing/deleting unused apps, removing recently installed apps that might be causing the problem, or reducing the screen brightness. Anything that is causing your phone to be overworked could be the problem.

  1. Slow phone

This is most commonly associated with older phones, but it can also happen in new ones. It is usually caused by the device's RAM being too clogged up with apps and files you no longer use or need. You should go through the phone and remove apps and files you don't need and clear the cache data. As a last resort, you could save important information on Google Drive and restore the phone to its factory data. Another option is to recycle your phone to raise some cash to go towards an upgrade.

  1. Connectivity issues

Sometimes BlueTooth or WiFi connections can play up. This is rarely due to an actual fault in the phone, but it is a problem that needs solving. The first things to try are to put the phone into airplane mode for 60 seconds then try connecting again. You could also turn off the failing connection type and then turn it back on.

  1. Messages will not send

Sometimes, your messaging system just will not let you send messages, no matter how many times you try. Check that you have a signal and are connected to your mobile network or WiFi. If the messages still won't send, the fault could be with the app itself. Try a different message service app.

Samsung smartphones have a reputation for being high-quality and reliable, but issues can creep in sometimes. If you have an older phone and are experiencing issues that you just can't solve, perhaps it's time to upgrade to a newer model.

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