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The smarter way to upgrade

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Get an accurate price for your device in seconds with the TechCheck®.

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Pick up or drop off

Arrange a collection, or drop off in a store near you.

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Get instant upgrades or paid on the spot in store, or at your door.

We’re launching our swap and our on-demand service in London.

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The reboxed revolution.

Upgrading sucks. Swap instead

Most places won't value your phone anything near what it's actually worth, let alone what you paid for it. And you can't get your hands on your new phone until they've valued your old one.

That sucks. With our 'swap & drop' service, we can value your old phone and hand over your upgrade on the spot, at your door or in-store. Plus we'll rebox your old phone, so you can rest easy knowing it's gone to a good home.

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Let’s keep it circular

A smart and sustainable way to upgrade

Throwaway technology isn’t just bad for your bank balance, it’s trashing our planet. We make it circular, by choosing a reboxing upgrade and rehoming your old with us you save, time, money and the planet.

So every time you switch to another reboxed phone, you’re saving two phones from landfill and planting 10 tress for mother earth. Win-win.

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Data Wipe

Your data is safe with us

When you sell your phone with reboxed, we ensure you’re device is securely wiped by our TechCheck® engineers.


Device had it’s day?

If you have a device that’s no longer functional you can drop it off at our store and we’ll ensure it gets safely recycled by one of our partners.

Why we exist

The 100 million device mission

We’re on a mission to rebox and rehome 10,000 phones in 2020 and 100 million by 2030.

We believe every phone deserves a second life. And the easier we can make it for people to rebox their phones for the best price, the more unwanted tech we can stop from going to landfill or going to waste.

For every phone we rehome, we aim to make it carbon neutral by planting 10 trees and paying to offset its lifetime CO2 emissions.

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Things we’re often asked

We're still in beta testing mode right now, which means we can only buy so many devices, and only in certain areas. Once we've given you a quote and put you on our waitlist, the offer we've made you will stay valid for a limited period. See our terms and conditions for more on that. We'll get in touch with you again when we launch, to see if you still want to sell. 

We use our own diagnostic and pricing algorithm called TechCheck. We ask you a few questions about the condition of your device. Then our TechCheck app scans your phone and generates a scientific score. Each score generates a fair and accurate price for your device, based on its precise condition. We then make you an offer 'in principle', which we'll confirm once we've actually got your phone and inspected it for ourselves. If the final quote ends up being lower, you can always choose not to sell it.

The TechCheck app gives you a price for your device. It's a 70 point state of the art diagnostic, backed by our expert tech engineers. Basically, it means we can pinpoint the precise condition of your phone so you get a better price when you sell.

100%. We do a full data wipe on every device before we rebox it, leaving no trace. And all our partners are professional, fully accredited refurbishers who we know and trust. You should backup anything you want to keep before you sell it. Once we've wiped it, you won't be able to get anything back.

As a special thank you to all of our early beta users, we'll be giving our first 1000 reboxers £15 off their first order. You can check out the full terms and conditions here.

Once you've given us all your details, our delivery team will email you to give you an exact pickup time. 

Our experts will run the TechCheck at your door, before confirming the final price. If you're happy to go ahead, we'll transfer the money to your bank on the spot. 

If the final price is less that your online quote, you can choose not to sell it and we won't charge you anything for our trouble.