Protect your tech for longer with reCare

Protect your tech and the planet. Access extended 24 months warranty and exclusive tech benefits and protection with reCare

reCare, offers access an exclusive range of tech protection benefits and services, such as:

  • Extra 12 months cover (up to 24 months valid for functional defects or failure)
  • Replace or repair service for issues covered by TechCheck
  • 30% discount on repair services out of warranty coverage 
  • 30% off reboxed accessories 
  • Same day repair service (London areas only)
  • £15 extra when you recycle your old device back to reboxed 
  • Dedicated deals for devices and offers 

  • Why reCare?

    We want you to keep your tech for longer, to help fight e-waste and maximize the lifecycle of every device we rehome. 

    Our circular business model – rehome, rebox, repeat – make buying, selling and trading-in preloved tech easier, cheaper and more premium, reducing the demand for new and preventing devices from ending up in bins before their time.

    But sadly, some big tech giants are on a different path. They’re doing things like making it harder for us to hold onto our older devices by designing them to break aka planned obsolescence. There are already a bunch of phones already deemed obsolete by Apple, check out if yours is one of them via our article, Apple warn that these iPhone models will become obsolete.

    Apple have also made it super expensive and technically difficult repair devices. 

    It’s an endless cycle leading 45% of smartphone owners to rather upgrade their phone than repair it.

    Not on our watch!

    reCare helps you keep your device in good nick for longer through extra tech protection and gives exclusive access to reboxed benefits, protecting your tech and the planet. 

    The nitty gritty:

    reCare extends your device’s TechCheck Warranty for another 12 months and also gives you access to exclusive rewards and services to help protect your device.

    Every Reboxed phone comes with a TechCheck warranty for 12 months. If your phone fails (unless it is damaged by you, another person or by accident) to meet our standards during that period, we’ll arrange for the phone to be repaired or replaced at no additional cost. BOOM!

    What's covered?

    • Technical defects
    • Faults caused by improper workmanship or materials

    What is not covered?

    • Accidental damage
    • Damage to screens or other cosmetic damage
    • Liquid damage
    • Issues caused by third party software
    • Any components added since the device was originally sent to you

    What about battery life?

    Battery life is only covered by the original warranty for 3 months as the battery is a perishable item. Good news, with reCare if your battery falls and remains less than 75% of its original capacity we will offer a replacement for 50% cheaper (subject to the device being checked by our technician). 

    What happens when I claim on reCare

    Once the claim is approved, you will receive a complimentary return label for your damaged device to be sent to a certified technician. Depending on your location and the extent of the damage, you may be offered an on-site service at our discretion.

    What happens if my device can't be fixed?

    You will only need to pay a reduced fee to repair your device if it fails outside or our tech check criteria. If your device can’t be fixed and once your claim has been approved you will be subject to an excess fee detailed below to claim a replacement device. Claims team will provide you with instructions on how to make the payment. 


    Service Fee


    30% discount on repairs outside of warranty criteria 


    5% discount on a replacement device 

    How can I buy reCare?

    Step 1: Find a device that you would like to purchase

    Step 2: Select reboxed+ at checkout

    Step 3: Make payment

    Step 4: Finish! Your device is protected as soon as you receive it for up to 24 months 

    When will my reCare plan expire?

    Your plan will expire 24 months from the date your device was delivered (12 months covered as standard and 12 months to cover the extension via reboxed care).


    For selected products, reboxed+ will be available. Under the limited warranty, the Seller is responsible for any product defects (hardware and software) occurring during the warranty period. Under reCare which is provided and covered by a trusted third-party repair partner, the repair partner offers the same level of repair and/or replacement coverage for an extended period (after the end of the original warranty by the Seller until the end of the reCare period), as well as discounted repair service at any point in time.

    In case of any incidents, the Seller or repair partner is obligated to offer free repair and/or replacement services until the end of the warranty/reCare period, starting from the day of delivery.

    In case when repairs aren’t economically or technically possible and replacements are not available, an appropriate financial compensation has to be paid to the Buyer instead. Any logistic costs included in the process for warranty or reCare cases have to be covered by the Seller or repair vendor, using a reliable shipping partner.

    All defects have to be reported by the Buyer as soon as possible. Failure to fully report all defects and sending in the device as soon as possible by the Buyer may result in a loss of any rights for repair/replacement. Please note that any external physical damage, battery wear and tear or liquid damage caused by the customer or a third-party are not covered by the limited warranty or reCare.

    In case of any external damage, drop, liquid/water damage, battery wear and tear over time, opening of the product, repair or diagnosis by another party than the Seller or the repair vendor, the Buyer will lose all rights connected to the warranty.

    Please note that there is no guarantee for waterproof on any pre-owned product as most refurbished products cannot be assured to be 100% waterproof.


    Read full Ts & Cs here

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