Future Maker: Jon Devo

We wanted to create a series to showcase the stories of reboxers that are using their tech to create a positive impact on people and the planet. 


A phone is such an important tool for everyday life, but it also represents an opportunity to be creative, to inspire others, to educate ourselves and change the world. 

Future Makers is a series that dives into how our reboxers use their phone to share their stories, amplify their messages and create a platform to drive social and enviromental change. Our reboxers are helping to create a better future, not just by their choice to buy reboxed but by the way they live their lives - they believe in the same thing we do - don’t take the future make the future. 


We spoke with Future Maker, Jon Devo about the future they'd like to make.

What future would you like to make?


The future i’m trying to make is one where people are more conscious about how they’re spending their time and their money. Life is precious and we should be a bit more savvy.


What role does your phone play in helping you spread this message?


I tend to use my social media to show people how i’ve changed my spending habits to try and help them improve theirs. I used by 3-4 pairs of trainers a week and last year I decided to make the effort to go a whole year without spending any money on trainers. I managed to clear my credit card debt, I now have savings for the first time ever and I want to inspire others through the learnings of my journey


My favourite/can’t live without apps:


Snap-seed and lumix sync app. I used Lumix Sync app to control my camera and then I edit the images on snapseed 


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