Fuck New! Join our mission to rehome 100 million phones

The world has an e-waste problem. Black Friday is making it worse. Join us in tackling it. 

As we’ve reported, ewaste (aka electronic waste) is a massive issue that’s getting bigger every year. Not only that, us Brits are responsible for more e-waste per head than any other country except Norway. 

4 smashed phones with the message 5.5 million tonnes of e-waste has been thrown out in 2020 so far

And now we’re about to spend an estimated £6 billion on Black Friday promotions. Yes, that’s £6 billion. It’s not a typo. As in previous years, tech and electrical items look set to be bestsellers.[1] According to research by Global Data, over half of UK consumers planning to spend during the 2020 Black Friday period want to buy from these categories.[2] 

The result? A whole more perfectly good devices will end up on the toxic pile of e-waste.

We say fuck new

Here at reboxed, we have one response to this. We say fuck new. Join us and take a stand against e-waste. Share this video to show your support and we'll plant another tree in our reboxed forest



A broken model

Why spend hard-earned cash on buying a brand new phone only to keep it for a year or two then ditch it and get another one, creating an environmental hazard in the process?

Reckon there’s a better way?

There is – and we've found it.

Join the reboxed revolution

Don’t just shell out on a new device that may not actually be better than the one you already have (hello, iPhone 12 battery. We’re talking about you). 

Don’t just keep getting stuck in expensive contracts with a mobile phone network just because they text you saying it’s time for an upgrade. Upgrade to what? A bigger phone bill every month? Sounds like an upgrade for them, not you. 

Decide for yourself when it’s time to replace your phone and join the growing number of consumers also saying fuck new by choosing a refurbished phone.

At reboxed, we like to think of our refurbished phones as better than new as when they arrive with you, they've been put through their paces with a unique 70-point TechCheck® that guarantees everything is working as it should be.

Image of i-Phone and eco eco with message Better Than New. Rehomed refurbished phones. Pay in three with Klarna.

Buy one, get ten trees 

Buying refurbished isn’t only good for you. It’s better for the planet too, with every phone given a new life meaning one less device has gone to landfill. 

Plus when you choose a reboxed refurbished phone, you’re getting an exclusive BOGTT deal every time. It’s like BOGOF, or buy-one-get-one-free, only it stands for buy-one-get-ten-trees because for every device purchased from us, we plant ten trees with trusted carbon offset partner ecologi. This commitment helps to tackle the carbon emissions generated in the phone’s production. 

Image of 2 mobile phones with reboxed and ecologi logos. Message buy one plant ten trees

We've already planted over 800 trees in our ecologi forest. We want to boost this number even further but without encouraging unnecessary upgrades that will only add to the e-waste problem. So for every share our message receives, we'll plant one tree. Want some of that?  

Make it a Purple Friday instead 

We’re all about tackling the e-waste problem, not making it worse, so we aren’t trying to lure you with special Black Friday promotions. You won’t find any limited time offers running just this weekend.

Instead, we’re saying if you need to replace your phone, choose a refurbished one from us and know that you’re not adding to the problem of e-waste but becoming part of the solution. Forget Black Friday and make it a Purple Friday instead. 


Fuck New! Join our mission to rehome 100 million devices

[1] Finder.com, Black Friday 2020: How one day became a month, October 2020.

[2] GlobalData, 39.7% of UK consumers intend to spend during the 2020 Black Friday period, says GlobalData, 24th November 2020.

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