7 eco-friendly apps to help you use your phone for good

So with Earth Day 2021 behind us, we can now give ourselves a pat on the back for doing something good for our planet this year, right? Well, at reboxed, we believe everyday should be Earth Day - displayed in the simple things we do, particularly with our phone. So we're sharing 6 of the best eco friendly apps that you can use to live more sustainably and reduce your impact on the planet.

Honest Mobile

Make using your phone as eco as possible with the Honest Mobile. Download the app for this certified B Corp and the world's only carbon negative mobile network, choose your plan and know that you're making a positive difference to the planet every time you use your phone. You'll even get updates about how many trees you've planted by using Honest and what the environmental impact of that is.


Probably the most well-known eco friendly app is OLIO. Download and join a world of users dedicated to reducing food waste by sharing it with others in their area. This is a neighbourhood answer to a pressing global issue: according to the UN, if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of carbon after China and the US.

And ever find yourself missing one vital ingredient when preparing food? The OLIO app can help in those situations as users can also post requests – but remember that's just for food. You can't get someone from down the street to come round and cook your dinner for you (although that is possibly a good idea for an app).


We all know that one of the easiest ways to have a more eco lifestyle is by ditching single-use items in favour of reusables, but what about when we need a top up? There's an app for that. Download Refill and search for places that are happy to fill your water bottle for free. You can earn loyalty points but the real reward comes from knowing you're not contributing to plastic pollution.

The cumulative effects of these green habits really add up: City to Sea, the not-for-profit organisation behind the Refill, estimates that the app has stopped a staggering 100 million plastic bottles from the waste stream.


Looking after the clothes you already own so they last as long as possible will also benefit the environment, but undertaking repairs or alterations yourself isn't the only option. Download the Sojo app to connect with local tailors and seamers who can take on those tasks for you – sustainable *and* supporting skilled jobs (London Zones 1 and 2 only).


Reduce your carbon footprint and save money by travelling with carpooling app BlaBlaCar. The app helps to connect drivers looking to make their journey greener by filling empty seats with passengers willing to pay a contribution to fuel costs. Think sharing a car with a strange sounds like the plot of a horror movie? The platform describes itself as a community built on trust and every profile is moderated.

Good on You

When you are buying new clothes, be sure to download Good On You before shopping. Search the app to see how eco friendly high street and designer brands are, with ratings based on a range of factors such as carbon footprint, use of animal products and workers' rights.

Good Fish Guide

Guidance on whether it's okay to eat cod or not seems to change every day, so download the Marine Conservation Society's Good Fish Guide app to have the latest news on sustainable seafood in the palm of your hand. It's useful for making more environmentally friendly choices in restaurants and when food shopping.


Bonus tip: Your environmental impact is boosted further if the phone you have while using these apps itself is from reboxed. You're saving a perfectly good device from going to landfill and we plant 5 trees for every device purchased to help offset the carbon emissions over its lifetime. Read more about why reboxed is better for your pocket and better for our planet here.

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