Why every parent should think reboxed this Christmas

Never mind sleigh bells, it’s the sound of cash register bells you’ll hear ringing if it’s a smartphone that your child wants this Christmas – but reboxed has an alternative that’s kinder to your wallet and to the planet.

Christmas is going to look pretty different for many of us this year but one thing that won’t have changed is the cost of gift giving. The amount we spend on presents can soon creep up, especially if you’re a parent – and especially if it’s a new bit of tech that your kid has asked you or Santa for. 

Top of Santa’s tech list

According to a survey of 2,000 parents conducted by OnePoll, nearly half of children would like the newly launched PlayStation5 for Christmas this year and a similar number would like a tablet. Smart speakers are on the list for over 40% of children and over 40% also mentioned Apple AirPods. 

Unsurprisingly, smartphones are a popular request too. A third of children have a new mobile on their Christmas list, with 13% specifically asking for the new iPhone 12. 

The cost of Christmas

All of these devices come at a price. The same survey reports that 62% of 4-17 year olds are hoping for an expensive gadget this Christmas, with the average child wanting £938 worth of tech.

It’s easy to see how. 

AppleAirPods are about £160 while smart speakers and tablets are around £200 or more. The PlayStation5 retails for almost £450 and the iPhone costs even more, coming in at £699 for the mini or £799 for the 6.1 inch display version.

That’s a whole lot of money, especially for families with more than one child to buy for. 

Plus requests for tech at Christmas are coming at an ever earlier age. The research discovered that one in four children start asking for such devices aged just five, although most begin around the age of eight. 

Parents don’t want to disappoint. More than 60% feel pressure to buy the latest devices for their children, although half that number say they cannot afford to spend the figures involved. 

Fortunately, there are less costly alternatives.

Choose refurbished

When it comes to buying a smartphone for your child, consider choosing a refurbished model rather than a brand new device (not sure what this means? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Refurbished Mobile).

For a start, you’ll save on the purchase price, with refurbished phones coming in at 20-40% less than their new equivalents. Buy a brand new iPhone 11 from Apple, for instance, and it’ll cost you from £599. A refurbished model from reboxed, on the other hand, can be snapped up for just £489, saving you £110.

If your child is just starting out with a smartphone or isn’t as concerned about having the most up-to-date model (or you don’t want them walking around with a device worth £500+ in their pocket), there are even greater savings to be made by choosing refurbished. You can get an iPhone XR from £379 (£499 new), an iPhone 8 from £229 (£499 new), an iPhone 7 Plus from £229 (£366 new) or an iPhone 7 from just £149 (£295 new). 
iPhone 8 from £229

At the same time, you should still be looking for the kinds of reassurance that come when buying a new electronic device. Whatever the model of refurbished phone, reputable outlets should offer some form of a guarantee. We’re so confident in the quality of our phones that we provide a 15 month warranty with every purchase. 

iPhone 7 from £149

There’s no bigger disappointment on Christmas Day than finding a gift is faulty, but this disappointment is made even worse if you can’t do anything about it. No parent wants to be in that position.

Choose reboxed

Of course, what you really want is to feel confident that any present you’ve bought is in full working condition before the wrapping is ripped off at some ridiculously early hour on Christmas morning. 

Reboxed box with TechCheck sticker, iPhone and sticker saying TechCheck certified 15 month warranty

That’s why at reboxed, we complete a unique 70-point TechCheck® on every phone we sell. This diagnostic tool assesses everything from cosmetics to battery power, protection to functionality – including all the tween and teen essentials such as connectivity, the headphone jack and microphone. No reboxed phone will get in the way of TikTok stardom!

Female hands lifting reboxed box out of outer packaging

Worried about refurbished not being good enough to gift? Don’t be. Unlike some phone resellers, every one of our phones comes in beautiful reboxed-branded packaging, making the unboxing experience as special as with a brand new device.

Us v Them Reboxed packaging v other seller's packaging

Furthermore, we give each individual phone a classic Uber-style rating to tell you what the exterior is like, with 5.0 and 4.5 being the highest awards. Choose one of these rankings and you’ll know the device is good enough to give as a present (those rated 4.0 and 3.0 are great if you’re buying a phone to use yourself). 

The warranty, TechCheck®, packaging and quality assurances come as standard, as do our environmental commitments. 

Not only does every refurbished device bought mean one less going to landfill, but we plant ten trees with our partner organisation Ecologi for every phone purchased to help tackle the carbon emissions generated over its lifetime. Those trees will be around doing their job for your kids in the future – and generations to follow.

Buy one plant ten trees 

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